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Creating words and ideas, grasping opportunities and turning them into reality is just part of my job. Today, what we read is invariably supported by photographs and illustrations – that is another part of my job.


I have interviewed many high profile personalities and influential people in business for various magazines and newspaper articles. This always demands careful pre-interview research to ensure that my questions keep the interviewee interested and stimulated, which in turn delivers responses that are entertaining and informative enabling me to write fascinating features.


Understanding who will be reading my words is key to delivering high quality articles, written in a style and manor that will work for you and the audience, no matter what industry I am commissioned.


Journalism, publishing, copy writing, media and website words and pictures.


This is my world

Join me on a journey. Browse through these pages of stimulations and solutions for business and leisure.


See what I can do for you. And read what others have said, too.


I am a professional. I strive for perfection in all my work. My passion for cars, boats, photography and art has brought me into contact with some fascinating and influential people.



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Words & Solutions for Business & Leisure