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Despite the growth in popularity for internet transmitted shorthand messages the need for professionally

written text is just as much in demand now as ever. Putting over the correct message remains paramount

whether it is copywriting, news stories, press releases, advertising material or advertorials. I like nothing

more than working to a brief and producing words which delight the client.  Please do get in touch for a

chat about how I can help you.

Web words: Producing words for your website takes care and attention to create the message and thoughts you want to convey; keeping the reader’s attention and ensuring it brings the results you want. I can help with your website words and design to ensure the results you’re looking for.


Copywriting: I enjoy nothing more than writing to brief, producing words that bring your ideas to life, proof reading your copy to give it a professional feel or producing a whole publication, large or small, for you.


News: Creating a story which is accurate and conveys information is all part of my expertise. A news item must maintain the reader’s attention. News can be entertaining, informative and memorable, but most of all it must be well written. This all part of what I do.


Press Release: Designed to engage and captivate the attention of media editors a Press Release must be purposely written to connect and communicate. If you have the need for a professional Press Release, I can help


Advertising material: Copy used in advertising is designed to manipulate and encourage its audience to continue or change behavioural patterns. Words must be carefully chosen and unambiguous in the way they provoke thought to achieve the best results. This is what I can do for you.


Advertorial: Combining the benefit of an advert with the entertainment value of news or a story an advertorial supports the product or service being promoted. Essential to its shape and approach is to maintain the attention of the reader. As a professional journalist I can produce an advertorial to suit your needs.